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Formosan Journal of Musculoskeletal Disorders 第三卷第一期 (2012)


Volume 3, Number 1 February 2012

Original Articles

01 Single-layer periosteum progenitor cell sheet significantly promotes tendonebone healing in comparison with acellular collagen sheet in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction Lei-Yen Chen, Shu Wen Whu, Chih-Hwa Chen, Hsia-Wei Liu, Hsien-Tao Liu, Chih-Hsiang Chang, Ching-Lin Tsai, Shih-Hui Chen, Ging-Ho Hsiue
09 Comparison of the adjacent-level fracture rate between instrumented fusion plus vertebroplasty and vertebroplasty alone in osteoporotic spine Chien-Shun Wang, Hsi-Hsien Lin, Jung-Kuang Yu, Ming-Chau Chang, Shih-Tien Wang, Chien-Lin Liu
14 Reasons for failure of surgical treatment in 25 tibial plateau fractures Po-Hua Huang, Chun-Ying Cheng, Yeung-Jen Chen, Alvin Chao-Yu Chen, Kuo-Yao Hsu, Yi-Sheng Chan, Wen-Jer Chen
19 Minimally invasive total knee arthroplasty using a cruciate-retaining knee system: A 3e5 year study with comparison to a standard approach Che-Jen Shih, Kuo-Cheng Shih

Case Reports

24 Initial reduction with nonabsorbable polyester for a widely disrupted pubic symphysis with perineal involvement Yi-Ju Li, Po-Chang Huang, Jinn-Rung Kuo, Ming-Zhen Chen, Bo-Cang Zeng, Wei-Ting Lin
27 Delayed foreign body reaction after fixation of distal radius fracture with biodegradable implant Tsung-Ying Yang, Chang-Hung Huang, Yung-Chang Lu, Hsuan-Chiang Chen, Chun-Yen Lin, Chun-Hsiung Huang
31 Lumbar spinal epidural hematoma after chiropractic manipulation: A case report Hung-Ming Chen, Lien-Chen Wu
34 Cardiac arrest after tourniquet deflation in tibial plateau fracture surgery in a healthy man Wei-Ren Houng, Chia-Lin Lee, Huan-Min Chiou, Yeou-Sheng Wei 

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